COVID-19 Response

During these unprecedented times, Madison Centre's priority continues to be the health and safety of our tenants and visitors. In response to the current pandemic, Madison Centre has implemented the following regulations and improvements:
  1. GPS Ionization: To improve the overall air quality of the building, Madison Centre has installed GPS ionization technology along with MERV-13 filters to remove airborne particulates, odors and pathogens from the air. Resulting in the cleanest possible indoor air quality. 
  2. Street to Suite Touchless Access: All of the main points of ingress/egress to Madison Centre have been equipped with wave sensor door access. Destination dispatch elevators have also been programmed with our new home floor dispatch feature. Allowing tenants to go from the lobby to their primary office floor by simply scanning their keycard. Eliminating the need to select the floor on the elevator kiosk. 
  3. Enhanced Sanitation: Hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the common areas of the building. Our janitorial staff has also increased the frequency in which they sanitize frequently touched surfaces. 
  4. Social Distancing Regulations: Madison Centre has implemented social distancing regulations throughout the building. These regulations require a mask to be worn at all times when in a common area of the building, signage that encourages tenants to stand at least 6 ft. apart from one another and limit elevator rides to 4 people per elevator ride. Plexiglass has also been installed at both the concierge and security desks.​
  5. Please click on the below link for a list of COVID-19 testing centers in King County, should you need to be tested. 

For more information or questions regarding the building's COVID-19 response please call building management at (206) 574-3100 or email us at