Madison Centre has a Security Officer staffed and onsite Sunday through Saturday, 24 hours a day.

Security Company: Star Protection Agency 
Account Manager: Spencer Lytle 
Security Phone: 206.574.3101
Security Email:

The security of the building and our tenants is one of our highest priorities. However, security is everyone's responsibility. Each tenant can help prevent loss of personal or company property through vigilance and taking the necessary precautions.

Tenant Precautions
  • Be aware of strangers in your suites. Notify onsite security and/or Building Management of anyone suspicious.
  • Ensure all doors that give access to the tenant space are locked after business hours.

Suite Keys and Key Cards
  •  All hard keys at Madison Centre are part of a master keyway system. This key system is necessary so the Management staff has access to all areas in the event of an emergency. For this reason, we require that no locks be changed or additional locks/bolts be added to any door within your suite without approval from Building Management. If additional work is required, please contact Building Management.
  • Notify Building Management whenever employees are joining and leaving the company and retain all keys and key cards from employees when leaving.

Theft and Insurance
  • Report the loss of property, no matter how large or small, to the Management team as soon as possible. Report to the onsite Security Officer if loss occurs after-hours.
  • The insurance policy for Madison Centre does not cover the personal or business property of tenants. Personal property insurance is the responsibility of each tenant.
  • Do not leave purses or things of value out in the open, unattended, or unsecured areas at any time.
  • Lock your vehicle and do not leave valuables in plain sight when parked in the parking garage.

Lost & Found:
  • Lost and Found items that are found in common areas are kept with onsite Security on level G.
  • Please see the Concierge on Level 1 or Security on Level G.  

Bike Cage Usage:
  • The bike cage can be found on P0 upon entry to the parking garage. Key card access is required for entry to the bike cage. To keep the area secure, each tenant must swipe their card to enter and close the door behind them. Please secure all items and do not leave any valuables unsecured. Madison Centre is not responsible for any stolen or damaged items.