Sustainability FAQ's

Question Answer
Have you done any of the following:  
Replace incandescent, halogen and T12 fluorescent light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives? Yes, we had replaced any remaining incandescent, halogen, and T12 lamps over to LED back in 2019.
Increase lighting efficiency by installing optical reflectors and/or diffusers? N/A
Install all Energy Star exit signs? Yes, the common area Exit Lights are Energy Star.
Install/maintain ballast or control mechanism to minimize lighting use near windows? Yes, the lights currently are driven by an LED driver, and our Lutron system has a dimmable program to adjust accordingly.
Every 6 months, clean lighting fixtures, diffusers, and lamps so they are lighting as effectively as possible? Yes, our staff has been cleaning lighting fixtures on a daily basis.
Adjust ambient light levels in offices to 1.4 watts per square foot by eliminating bulbs or lowering their wattage? Yes, the Building Tenant Load is 1.2 watts per RSF.
Organize hallway lighting in banks of switches, so sections of lighting can be turned off as needed? Yes, the lighting system is setup by zones so that you can turn on/off areas accordingly.
Outdoor lighting is off during the day? Yes
Apply window film to reduce solar heat gain, if applicable? N/A
Use thermostats with 'night setback' capability? Yes, the BAS (Building Automated System) monitors/controls temperatures 24/7.
Ensure office temperatures are between 66 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit? Building temperature set points 72-74 degrees fahrenheit.
Adjust heating and cooling systems for seasonal changes? Yes
Check heating and cooling vents are not obstructed every six months? Yes
Replace or supplement an A/C system with an evaporative cooler? N/A
Insulate all hot water pipes, hot water heaters, and storage tanks? Yes, the water tanks and pipes are insulated.
Quarterly check for and repair all leaks in your facility? Yes
Install toilets using 1.6 gpf (gallons per flush) or less? Yes
Replace flush mechanism in urinals with ones that flush at 1.0 gallon or less (as low as 0.125 gpf) or install new waterless types? Yes
Install self-closing faucets (0.5  gpm and 0.25 gallon/cycle)? Yes, we have automatic sensor faucets.
Test irrigation sprinklers 2 times per year to ensure proper operation and coverage and repair all broken or defective sprinkler heads/nozzles, lines and valves? Yes, our landscaping vendor verifies irrigation operations.
Adjust sprinklers for proper coverage - optimize spacing, avoid runoff onto paved surfaces? Yes, our landscaping vendor verifies irrigation operations.
Water during early morning, pre-dawn hours to reduce water loss from evaporation? Yes
Use repeat cycles when watering turf or shrubs to encourage percolation and deep root growth? Yes
Adjust the irrigation schedule monthly during irrigation season, or as needed? Yes
Plant drought tolerant plants? Yes
Hydrozone: Group plants with similar water requirements together on the same irrigation line, separating plants with different water requirements on separate irrigation lines? Yes
Install a self-adjusting weather-based irrigation controller that automatically tailors watering schedules to match local weather, plant types, and other site-specific condition? N/A
Install irrigation controllers that have at a minimum the following features: precise 1-minute runtime capability; a minimum of 3 separate programs; and 3 cycle start time features? Yes
Install rain shut-off devixes that turn off the irrigation system during rain? Yes
Modify your existing irrigation system to include drip irrigation? Yes
Reduce irrigation system water pressure to no higher that 50 psi (pressure-reducing valves must be installed)? Yes
Use reclaimed water for irrigation and other approved uses N/A
Work with your water company to develop a site-specific "water budget" . Track your water use to ensure efficient watering? Yes
Question Answer
Does EY pay power supplier direct for electricity (electricity is not paid with rent to the Landlord)? No
Is the electricity separately metered? Yes
Is the Landlord currently participating in Science Based Target (SBT)? No
What sustainability certification does the building have? Known
Is renewable energy used at the building? Yes
If Yes, what percentage of the building energy use is renewable? 100%
Is the Landlord currently participating in Science Based Target (SBT)? No
If No, are there plans to start in the next 3 years? Yes
Which of the following certificate does the building have and what is the level achieved? Yes, LEED, Gold Level Achieved