Please notify Building Management at least one week prior to moving any furnishing in or out of the building. Upon final scheduling, arrangements will be made to pad the elevators and to provide any other assistance as may be necessary. Prior to the move, Building Management must be provided with proof of liability insurance for any vendors that will be utilized.
In order to maintain the Class A condition of Madison Centre, all movers must strictly adhere to the following:
  • All loading and unloading must be done at the loading docks on the east side (alley) of the building. The loading dock bays will service vehicle lengths ranging from 28’ to 35' and vehicle heights of 12' to 25’ depending on bay availability; the width of the alley is 20'. Furniture and equipment must be transported via the loading dock ramp to the freight elevator.
  • Moves must not be scheduled during standard business hours. Please schedule moves for after 6:00 p.m. during weekdays, or during the weekend. There are no exceptions.
  • Where furniture or equipment is being moved with wheel or skid-type dollies, clean masonite sections will be used as runners on all finished floor areas. The masonite sections must be at least ¼ thick, 4' x 8' wide sheets in elevator lobbies and corridors and 32" wide sheets through the doors in the tenant space. All masonite sections must be taped to prohibit sliding.
  • The mover must provide and install protective coverings on all walls, door facings, elevator cabs and other areas along the route to be followed during the move. These areas will be inspected for damage after the move.
  • Damage to the building or fixtures caused by the mover are the responsibility of and will be paid for by the tenant.
  • Movers must arrange elevator usage with Building Management for all moves. A firm arrival time must be established. If Building Management personnel or additional Security is required, as determined by the Management Office, the cost will be charged to the tenant.
  • Movers will be required to remove all boxes, trash, etc., when leaving the building. Remaining materials will be disposed of and the tenant will be billed the disposal charges. Should you need additional janitorial services, please notify Building Management for assistance.
  • Moving trucks are not permitted in the parking garage.

Upon Move Out:
Please contact the Management Office prior to the move so we may schedule the doors and prepare elevators accordingly.
In addition to the items noted under "Move-In Recommendations,” below are a few helpful move-out hints:
  • Return hard keys, card keys and mailbox keys to Management Office.
  • Remove all company signage.
  • Remove all low voltage cabling back to the building demarcation room, if applicable.
  • Provide after-hours HVAC and lighting requirements, if needed, to Management Office.
  • Schedule a final janitorial clean-up.
  • Schedule trash and recycling dumpsters for clean-up (prior permission of Management Office required).
  • File a change of address with the United State Post Office to ensure future mail is forwarded to your new address.
  • Provide a forwarding address and phone number to Management Office.
  • Notify telecommunications provider to arrange for disconnect of services.
  • Ensure that the mover has provided an original Certificate of Insurance to Management Office prior to the move.
  • Provide proper written notice for move-out per the Lease requirements.