Conference Rooms

The Conference Center and Meeting Rooms are available to all Tenants of Madison Centre, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-6:00PM free of charge. Charges will apply for any events starting before 8:00AM, and after 6:00PM, Monday through Friday and on weekends. The Rooftop Terrace is available to all tenants, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-3:00PM free of charge. Charges will apply for events starting before 8:00AM, and after 3:00PM, Monday through Friday and on weekends. The Rotunda is not available during business hours.  Food and beverage service is only allowed in the Conference rooms and Rooftop, not the Rotunda.  If a food and beverage service is desired during an event in the Rotunda the conference center must be utilized for this purpose. In order to ensure the equitable use of these facilities, the following rules and regulations have been established.

1.  The Conference Center may be reserved on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.  Reservations may be made up to four (4) months in advance by reserving online at  Please submit reservation as accurately as possible, in consideration of other Tenant reservations.  Reservations will be confirmed after a reservation request via and upon receipt of a “Conference Room Request-Approved” email from the Concierge.  Please contact with questions regarding the reservation process.

2. Schnitzer West reserves the right to limit use of the Conference Center and Meeting rooms if excessive use restricts that of the other Tenants. The Conference Center and Meeting Rooms are meant to serve our Tenants’ occasional needs as a place for seminars, workshops, and meetings. It is not intended to be used as ongoing meeting space.

3.  Tenant must confirm set-up at least 24 hours prior to reservation. Please do not rearrange furniture. Furniture in the first-floor lobby and Rotunda may not be rearranged or changed from its current configuration for an event. For assistant with conference room configuration please contact the Concierge located on the first-floor lobby.

4.  The Tenant shall be responsible for returning the Conference Center, Meeting Rooms, Rotunda, and/or Rooftop Plaza to the original condition in which it was found. This includes removal of all food and beverage containers, placing all trash in the waste receptacles provided, and removing all personal items and Tenant property from the areas. Any items left behind will be removed by Management.  Schnitzer West will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items left in the common areas.

5.  Tenant shall not display or erect any lettering, signs, pictures, notices, or advertisements upon any part of the outside or inside of the Premises, unless otherwise approved Management. Small directional signage available upon request; please contact Concierge on Level 1.

6.  The Premises shall not be used for any improper, illegal, immoral or objectionable purpose, nor shall any alcoholic beverages be brought to, or used at the Premises without a proper license.

7.  Tenant must provide at least 24-hours notice of its intent to cancel a reservation. Failure to attend reservation, or a “no show,” will be deemed a cancellation. If less than 24-hours notice is given, a cancellation fee in the amount of $100 may be applied and billed back to the Tenant.

After-Hours Cost and Additional Fees:
Rotunda $ 450.00  Reservation
Boardroom $ 150.00 Reservation
Conference Center $ 300.00 Reservation
Rooftop Terrace $ 230.00 Reservation
Relocate Furniture $ 150-$300 Reservation
Excessive Clean Up $ 200.00 Instance
Cancellation fee (less than 24-hours) $ 100 Instance