In case of an earthquake, be prepared: be familiar with your company's disaster plan and the building emergency plans. Check for potential hazards and secure items as necessary. Maintain adequate emergency supplies.

During an earthquake:
  1. DROP, COVER, & HOLD: take shelter under a table, desk, or other such object that will offer protection against glass or debris.
  2. Remain calm. Do not leave the building or your floor.
  3. Move away from windows, filing cabinets and bookshelves, and keep clear of hanging pictures.
  4. When tremors cease, quickly check your immediate work area for any injured persons or fire. Unless there is a serious medical emergency or fire, do NOT use the phone.
  5. If possible, disconnect or shut off all electrical machines.
  6. Falling objects are a major concern in an earthquake. You can lessen this threat today by checking your work area and relocating heavy objects closer to the floor. Filing cabinets should not be top heavy. This will help prevent the cabinet from falling over.
  7. Remain in a safe location until instructed otherwise by an announcement over the Emergency Paging System or by persons in authority
  8. If necessary, and ordered to do so, evacuate your premises. Be very careful of downed electrical lines, falling debris, and broken glass. You will be given instructions for evacuation by building personnel, police and/or firemen.
  9. DO NOT use elevators to exit the building.
  10. DO NOT run outdoors.